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Summer Time and Seniors


As many parents know with high school seniors entering their final year as graduates of 2010…(Wow, that sounds amazing)… you are being bombarded by so many “needs to have by” requirements.  And senior portraits are among the top of the list.  

Seniors, where do you go to have a “Fresh” look and not feel like everyone else?  Are you being bombarded with endless advertisements in the mail?

We keep it simple and easy with a whole lot of fun.  You tell us what you want and we create the experience for you.  Our summer specials are going strong and we want to help with the rising cost of going back to school. 

*Ask how to be a school ambassador to receive free products. 
*Every senior will receive free images for MySpace and facebook.
*Customized announcements and thank you cards.
See you soon!

Sweet Times at Old Sugar Mill


One of our fabulous couples we were able to work with this year selected The Old Sugar Mill as their wedding destination.  They told us to “bring on” the rustic charm, and how awesome is that!  There was so much to choose from at this amazing location.


No question that the grounds were a highlight, but Natalie and Philip were the true attention getter’s.  They were surrounded by the perfect wedding party and family that also included Natalie’s brother and wife, Nate and Christy.  Another family connection for us since we photographed their wedding a few years ago at the Monte Verde Inn in Foresthill, CA.



The couple selected amazing color combinations and vendors including Joe Kalamaras with Sj’s Disc jockey, Melissa Forrester at Floral Creations by Melissa, TLC Catering, Freeport Bakery and of course, Old Sugar Mill itself.   The flowers and ribbon alone show the amazing detail and color combinations selected for their event.


Happy planning and have a ball with your color themes and details.  Don’t forget, we can find beautiful locations anywhere you take us!


Facebook Fan Page

Ford Family Photography and Sogno Winery

 Romance at the Sogno Winery       

Thank you to everyone for the support and following of our Blogs.  We are also excited to be starting our Facebook Fan Page that will display image galleries and studio specials to keep you updated on the latest events.  Our V.I.P. referral program will be another bonus we are initiating with our customers and their incredible referrals.  More information soon!

Please let us know what you want to see and hear about.   What a great way to stay connected with all our favorite people!

Romance in the Vineyards

FordFamilyGoldHillWineryWebOne of the nicest perks to our role as photographers when capturing moments on a wedding day are the locations and venues we have the pleasure of working at.  I thought it would be a treat to highlight some of the local sites that have the  flavour of romance with the surroundings of the vineyards.


FordFamilyVineyardWebThe Sacramento region is booming with wineries and private vineyards.  A couple of our favorite locations for taking romantics with our couples include Monte Verde Inn, Sogno Winery, Gold Hill Vineyard, and Old Sugar Mill.


Let us know some of your favorite sceneries and back drops and how these locations inspire your wedding plans.  We would love to share samples with your ideas in mind.




Thank you to our amazing couples for the inspiration and thrill of working with them and their favorite locations.

Double the Trouble


Hmmm…  I could say so much about these little innocent faces.  Especially, since they are a huge part of the “Family” portion of Ford Family Photography.  Zach and Sam, the little men in our lives, no, they are not twins, but they may as well be with the number of people asking and the way they are so in sync with each other.



































I was planning on posting another of our favorite weddings, but it is so rare that we even get to take pictures of our boys.  We actually have to schedule them on the calendar as well.  This was a surprise for Barry, and I had a small window of opportunity and begged them to be on their best behavior.  I don’t even remember what the reward was, but yes, parents, we have to do the same pleading and even more so since they know all of our posing tricks.


I actually have to remind myself how important capturing life in “its moments” really is.  I have been grinning ear to ear while loading up these images and thinking about their little worlds right now.  How much they have progressed with swimming lessons, their new puppy, and the fireworks over the 4th of July after watching the hometown parade in Auburn.


I had to throw these two images in from recent engagement sessions: The boys chilling out while Mom and Dad do their thing.  I will have to add another BLOG later showing Zach helping me with “his” light meter and reflector.  So fun and cool to see his mind working.


Now, I guess I better get some of these printed for the grandparents and aunts and uncles and start working on clearing wall space for ourselves.


Have a wonderful summer and save those memories anyway you can.  Tell your story so that it continues on and on with your greatest creations. 


Escape to the City

FordFamilySF2At some point in the day, we all had to pinch ourselves.   While Sacramento and the surrounding regions were experiencing record heat in the 100’s, we were exploring the City of San Francisco for endless photo opportunities.




As expected, we didn’t have to walk half a block and found breath taking back drops and scenery including the park across the street from the Museum of Modern Art, The Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, the Clock Tower at the Ferry Building, Market Street, and so on and on.



We even adventured to a little park Tim and Tracy had one of their first dates near West Portal.  No kidding when we say the heat wave back home was the last thing on our minds.  We didn’t even stop to eat, we were having so much fun driving around this perfect city in 70 degree temps.  A little wedding review and comparing life stories made the experience that perfect.

Tim is a member of the Elk Grove Fire Department and Tracy works at Good Day Sacramento.  They will be having their wedding this coming September at Arden Hills Country Club.  If the wedding is anything like the day we just spent with this lovely and spontaneous couple, we are truly spoiled.




Thank you, Tim and Tracy, for such a perfect time and we won’t ever forget it.  Now, we get to start gearing up for the wedding.  We can’t wait to hear more of the final details as they become finalized.