Hmmm…  I could say so much about these little innocent faces.  Especially, since they are a huge part of the “Family” portion of Ford Family Photography.  Zach and Sam, the little men in our lives, no, they are not twins, but they may as well be with the number of people asking and the way they are so in sync with each other.



































I was planning on posting another of our favorite weddings, but it is so rare that we even get to take pictures of our boys.  We actually have to schedule them on the calendar as well.  This was a surprise for Barry, and I had a small window of opportunity and begged them to be on their best behavior.  I don’t even remember what the reward was, but yes, parents, we have to do the same pleading and even more so since they know all of our posing tricks.


I actually have to remind myself how important capturing life in “its moments” really is.  I have been grinning ear to ear while loading up these images and thinking about their little worlds right now.  How much they have progressed with swimming lessons, their new puppy, and the fireworks over the 4th of July after watching the hometown parade in Auburn.


I had to throw these two images in from recent engagement sessions: The boys chilling out while Mom and Dad do their thing.  I will have to add another BLOG later showing Zach helping me with “his” light meter and reflector.  So fun and cool to see his mind working.


Now, I guess I better get some of these printed for the grandparents and aunts and uncles and start working on clearing wall space for ourselves.


Have a wonderful summer and save those memories anyway you can.  Tell your story so that it continues on and on with your greatest creations.