FordFamilyCitizenHotelAbsolutely breathtaking!  Alyssa and Austin chose to celebrate their wedding with family and friends at the incredible Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento.  FordFamilyCitizenHotel6

The location, the staff, the details were perfect.  Leave it to Harmony Lines, Catering Sales Manage, to have everything perfectly in place and not skip a beat.




Alyssa was stunning in her vintage style dress and veil and Austin looking very charming.  I loved how our wonderful couple fit the charm and elegance of The Citizen.  We had an incredible time shooting this wedding and working with everyone.  Can’t wait to return.  There are so many unique areas in the hotel to create one of a kind images and memories.

Brides and Grooms, check out the Citizen Hotel.  You won’t be disappointed.