Ahh, the crisp cool nights have arrived and that only means one thing… Autumn will soon be upon us.   We are already seeing some signs of the leaves making their transformation to the brilliance of fall splendor.  And if you have been to our studio grounds in late October and early November, you know exactly what we are talking about.   Our goal was to create a mini Vermont on our grounds with all of our stunning trees and plants that change to vivid yellows, fiery reds and breathtaking oranges.  All to let families feel like they are truly in another place and time.

This is the time to start thinking about your fall family portrait experience for the Holidays.   Our calendar is starting to book up quickly for the targeted weeks of color.  Don’t forget, this is the best time to have your perfect family picture taken for sending out your holiday greetings too.

With that in mind, we also would like to share with everyone  they can enter to win a free family portrait session at the Payprus Store in Arden Fair Mall during the entire month of October for their Picture Perfect Campaign.   Along with the portrait session, we will include a gift certificate for $100 towards the purchase of a framed wall portrait.  Look for our information in the store window that will be on display beginning October 1st along with this image on our New Leather Signature Wrap.

We can’t wait to see everyone this beautiful Fall Season.