We finally took a little break with the boys and headed to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm in Weatland, CA.  Usually, we make the mistake of waiting until the week before Halloween to grab our perfect collection of misfit pumpkins.  But this year, we wanted to take advantage of a warm autumn day.  It actually heated up to 80 degrees.

Yes, I did mention “misfit” pumpkins.  The boys have taken to our love of unique and colorful combinations.  Sammy even stuck to his promise of picking out a white pumpkin and another having just yellow and green.  Both boys actually went on a hunt for a white pumpkin in the vast sea of orange and green.  It was perfect.



Even though pumpkins are always our favorite adventure and highlight since it includes a cool wagon ride, there are so many other activities and attractions to partake in at this farm that continues to grow and expand every year.  Zach and Sam always  anxiously wait their turn for the train ride and to play on the old Southern Pacific caboose.  But this year, they were really smitten with the petting zoo.  Both boys found a couple pygmy goats they were able to shower love and affection over. 



We hope everyone is taking the time to start their own family traditions.  This is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the changes of the seasons and build lasting memories.  Our boys remind us all the time how quickly time passes.  But most of all, they remind us that these memories are favorites of theirs too. 

Bring your favorite pumpkin with you when you head out to our studio this season.  We love seeing the enjoyment and color they can add to your portrait experience.