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No Tears Here

Little Miss Hayleigh thought she was going to give us a workout to capture her personality.  Oh, but we had a little surprise for her.  She gave us her best shot, but so did we. 

Hayleigh joined her Mom and Dad for some family portraits as many families do this time of the year.  But there was a little something special about this session. 

Many of you know that blogging is still a little new to our studio.  We are having a ball learning and growing with the experience and the feedback has been amazing.  So amazing, that this is how I had the privilege of meeting Hayleigh’s Family.  Her Mom, Kara, is an incredible blogger that has inspirational stories about family, home, decor and everything else you can think of.  Check her out at and

So, how did she find us you ask???   Who other than our adorable Tracy Girl.   Yes, the T from TnT Spectacular that we have posted about before on her engagement and wedding.  They don’t even know each other in person.   How fantastic is that?  (I only wish I could have taken Kara’s wedding images too.) 

But I get to spoil the family from here on out.

Now that is something to write about.  We would love to hear about your new connections and how you came across our site.  We would also  love to make our blog more interactive with our guests as well.  Tell us what you would like to see  and read about from our side of the camera.

Here is one final look at those adorable leggings Miss Hayleigh “fashioned” for us on her picture perfect day.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Say Hello to Duke


Going with my recent theme of {Dogs}, I thought I would introduce you to Duke.  Yes, I should be showing you our endless images of the incredible fall colors that are exploding in our back yard at this very moment.   But, how could I pass up this face?



Duke is officially the newest family member of Ford Family Photography and we had a ball with him.  His parents, Kate and Lawrence, are newlyweds and we had the amazing opportunity to photograph their wedding this year at the Gold Hill Vineyard in Coloma.  It was absolutely perfect and we were thrilled they came right back for more fun.


I love sharing little stories and experiences such as this.  We strive to show how important each and every one of our customers are to us from the moment they come through our doors.  The best example we have is when our guests return and bring along their growing family.  It truly means the world to us and we are honored to be apart of such a responsibility to capture those fleeting memories.


This little English Bulldog had us laughing out loud for hours after his session.  Since our studio is on our 10 acres, we are so fortunate to be able to entertain families with pets and allow them to run around and enjoy themselves.  Duke didn’t hesitate for a moment to take full advantage of running and playing.  There wasn’t a doubt in our minds  that he was going to sleep very well that night.


Bring your “Entire” family up for fun, laughs, and oh yeah, pictures.    Tell us about your pet and your favorite memories.   We can’t wait to hear from you.

Don’t forget the opportunity to have a photo taken with Santa on November 14th as a benefit for a local animal rescue organization.  We have a blast with the variety of pets that come through the doors and would love to see you there.