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What Flavour are You?

It was pretty much hands down.  Our little poll on Ford Family Photography’s Facebook page asked if we should blog about shoes or cakes.  Both favorites of our brides.

So, let’s get down to business.  I know, this is a stressful subject to talk about:  All those cake samples you have to eat and select from.  We are happy to step in and help you through this process.  Really, who needs to go through that cake tasting anyway?

Ok, all kidding aside.  This is really an exciting and enjoyable part of the planning process.  But where do you start?  As with everything else in the wedding planning experience, referrals are always a sure bet.  Your favorite venue and friend can also be the first source of contact.  Other sources include florists, photographers, and other “hands on” vendors like wedding planners that get you through the day.

Your wedding cake is the Center of all Center Pieces.  Every wedding we photograph, it’s “Where is the CAKE?”.  Nothing pulls your colors and design personality together more than that one of a kind tower of indulgence.  Why not have some fun.  Some of the fabulous cake designers we are showcasing include, Kelly Dalisa at Monte Verde Inn, Shelton’s Wedding Cake Design, Carissa Jones at Sugar and Spice, Divine Desserts, and Village Cake Shoppe.  These are perfect examples of amazing professionals that are dedicated and dependable.  You need to feel confident that your cake will arrive on time and survive the conditions of the day.

Your cake is a true expression of your style.   Everything from the size, the shape, the details, the color, are options for the greatest finish.  That includes miniature cakes or even cupcakes!  Be sure to give all the important details of the day to your cake designer too.  They should know if it will be outside or inside, the time of the year for weather and heat influences, and of course, how many guests to feed.  You definitely do not want to run out. 

Your options are truly endless, but exciting.  Don’t be afraid to have fun and be yourself.  We love to take pictures of your cake, as you can tell.  We even keep mini albums in our studio of the variety of cakes that we have documented since they are so much fun to share for inspirations.  

So, dig in!  Oh,  but that reminds me… what about the flavors?  How could we forget to discuss the other lovely perfection of this tower of sweet?  Did you know that you have amazing options with fillings as well?  Here is where that treasured experience of tasting comes in handy.  One our true favorites is the Pink Champagne cake by Kelly Dalisa.  But who can resist anything that has chocolate ganache, mocha butter cream, red velvet, and combinations you can only dream about?  Now, don’t forget to confirm who will be cutting your cake at the reception.  That is an art of its own.

For all you fans of that delightful perfection of the timeless tradition of the wedding cake, please share with all of us your favorite flavor combinations.  This is such a perfect opportunity to give support to our lovely new brides and grooms as they plan their perfect wedding experience.  Happy Tastings!

Color Me Pretty

Let’s talk color.  Better yet, let’s talk about flowers.  They seem to be the central theme of color pallets in our wedding designs, so why not start here. Though it isn’t as easy as it seems, is it? 

I am just going to show a good handful of the cards we had on display at the Bridal Showcase on January 10th.  These were hanging on our “Photo Curtain” to give inspiration to so many styles and ideas for weddings that are out there.  Many of you even took some of our samples as reminders.  How easy was that?

How are you selecting your flowers?  Will it be based on your favorite flower type, favorite color, or just something to match the dresses?  A professional florist will be an amazing source of inspiration as well as a design resource.  These ideas are often the center of your overall decor for the entire wedding theme.   Many of the best local florists are the designers for the stunning bouquets I am showing off including: Melissa Forrester with Floral Creations, O’Shays, Blooms by Martha Andrews, and Jackie’s Flowers.

By now you are asking why would I talk about flowers when I am a photographer.  Why should it matter to me anyway?  Well, look who took these images.  More than anything, who will be taking ALL of your images that document the entire wedding experience?  So, my motivation is to help our brides and grooms with some of the toughest decisions they will encounter and get right to the point.  We want your experience to be just perfect. 

Hire a professional florist and hire a florist that comes highly recommended.  The companies I listed above are examples of florists that do outstanding work because I can tell you from experience how their creations {LAST} throughout the day!  Did you know that your flowers could be too old or too “tired” to make it through the ceremony.  Guess what your pictures will look like with a limp bouquet or corsage on Mom.  How about having filler that will disperse all over your gown every time you move.  This can take up so much valuable time from taking pictures if we are continuously cleaning off the debris.  You will end up losing many key images if we are stopping to fix or clean up after your flowers.

An expert florist will be sure to ask you the necessary questions on how to create the unique look and design that will only be yours.  Here are some ideas to help prepare yourself when working with a designer.   Be sure to bring fabric samples from the dresses, pictures, ribbon and even magazine articles for them to go over with you.  Many brides come to us knowing what the main color theme will be for the day, but no idea where to start with the type of flowers they want to use.  Perfect!  Your florist will give you the variety of ideas to get you started including which flowers will hold up best in the time of year you will be having your event.  But they will need you to bring the tools to start with.

Be sure you know how big of a bouquet you want to carry around.  Will you have help carrying it while you are walking or resting? (We love doing that for you! 😉  Will the bouquet cover up too much of the dress and hide the important details?  Don’t be afraid to ask on making these type of decisions.  Test the bouquet samples at the shop.  You will be amazed how heavy a bouquet can be or what type of grip you would prefer to have.  Your bridesmaids may not be able to help hold your flowers if theirs are too big and heavy too.

A last thought, don’t short cut your flowers.  Let them bring a little life to the party and to your pictures.  You will never forget them and either will your pictures!

Please share with us the most stunning color combinations you have seen or would like to have at your wedding.


Just incredible… We couldn’t have asked for a better experience at the Bridal Showcase just yesterday at Cal Expo.   The show kicked off with a bang right from the beginning and we weren’t even able to get shots of the booth until just before we broke down to leave.  Now, that is busy!

Busy is only one way to describe the day.  I actually prefer to describe it a exhilarating!  We met so many incredible brides and grooms along with their family and friends.  We got to hear about all the amazing wedding plans and dreams including locations from Maui, Sedona, Tahoe, Napa, San Francisco and even the spectacular places right here in the Sacramento region.  From intimate celebrations of 25 guests to a week long celebration of three cultures.

If you came by our booth, tell us what your favorite feature was.  We are placing bets on the most popular attractions:  The Fine Art Album with Ostrich and Acrylic cover, Our Rusted Backdrop with 6 Amazing Art Wraps OR the Photo Curtain with 158 Images hanging from clips.  Please, do share!

Thank you, Thank you , Thank you again for such an amazing day and spending the time with us.  We can’t wait to hear from you all and learn more about your wedding dreams.  Happy Planning!

Rain or No Rain?

Since this is a particularly busy time of year for many of you brides and grooms planning your incredible upcoming wedding, I thought that I can start passing along some very important information to consider while selecting your wedding date and location.

So, let’s get right to the point and one of the biggest concerns.  Rain.  Even though having a wedding in California is less concerning when it comes to this soggy version of Mother Nature, we still have to be prepared.   We comment to our brides and grooms all the time… It will work in your favor if you plan for rain even if the chances are slim.  Don’t you remember “Murphy’s Law? 

If you are still on the hunt for that perfect venue, be sure you ask questions  that include what the back up plans are for rain.  How many guests will you be able to have indoors if your ceremony is moved?  Can you bring in a tent?  What have they done in the past for rain situations?  What months or times of the year for your location should you be cautious of the seasonal drops?  Your wedding vendors are perfect resources for helping you plan for alternate weather conditions since they have the experience.  And they should have experience, if you know what I mean.

Now don’t be nervous or think rain will automatically cause problems for your wedding.  Some of our best events were filled with umbrellas and the biggest smiles ever. 

Rrain or even snow can add an element of uniqueness to your wedding photos and video as well.  We love to sugggest to our couples that having personally selected umbrellas or fun rubber boots can add a lot of personality to your images.  There are so many incredible colors and brilliant designs of umbrellas to select from.  We are even adding to our collection for variety and to help with the experience of the day.

Let us know if you have a perfect rain story or even if you have questions about weddings in the rain.  But most of all, don’t be shy about asking your vendors for help and ideas.   We want your day to be as perfect as planned.