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Oh, Baby Baby


Spring is definitely here and our studio has been buzzing around with baby sessions the last couple of weeks.  But the best part of it all, these little bundles of joy are from our previous brides and grooms and other growing studio families.

Meet our latest studio member, Cole Robert.  His parents were married at the Winchester Country Club, and it was truly an incredible event.

Believe me, as my little men continue to grow faster every day, having little babies come into our studio is a true treat for us.  It always reminds us of how precious those moments in time really are.  I couldn’t imagine not having pictures of my boys through out their little lives since they change unbelievably fast.

Thank you to all our parents for this honor to create family heirlooms for you.  We take it to heart and love watching our studio family continue to grow.

My Little Rustlers

So, how does the Soren Clan spend a weekend together? 

We received word that two little babes needed a home, and well, meet the latest members of our little ranch family.

Not sure who is in love with whom more.  These calves are as sweet as can be, and our little men are completely head over “boots”.  Of course, this gave me the perfect opportunity to capture timeless memories… Not to mention Zach and Sam love showing off their own coolness as tough little cowboys.  I have to say that since they can handle the bottle feeding themselves, less work for Mom and Dad.  Way Cool!

Dakota was right there to join in the fun.

Thanks for taking a peek into our little world.  We thought it would be nice to take a little break and share some of the latest family activities with you.  Everything is about family to us, and we can’t wait to spend time with yours.

The End.  😉

Rocket Fans

As you might have noticed, our blog entries have been a little slow this past week or so.  I can provide a really great reason…

So there Barry and I are, minding our own business while on the 2010 Buckeye Cruise for Cancer,  all we really wanted was to enjoy the warm sun and a great book (I only got the book on this trip) and what happens to us… ?  We bump into another group of people and made some new BFF’s.  But really, can anyone imagine Barry not talking to strangers  on a cruise ship with around 2000 people, when he wasn’t eating himself sick with the unlimited food 24/7? 

Meet Jessy, Jonathan, Brandon, and Kasey. 

Ok, ok, what is so special about meeting these hip young individuals you ask?  Well, Jonathan and Brandon just signed a major recording contract with The Vallory Music Co which is part of Big Machine Records (Taylor Swift‘s Label). Check out JB Rocket! and listen for their first single/album release later this summer.  You might have seen them as the runner’s up on  CMT ‘s “Can You Duet?”  These incredibly talented young guys happened to be part of the entertainment on our sweet little four-day cruise.  Jessy and Kasey are the amazing ladies with style and class keeping it all running smoothly for their guys.

We were spoiled with a show on the ship as well as the ever popular “Sloppy Joe’s” in Key West.  It was a blast and JB Rocket had the packed place rocking!

But, as you know Barry,  he had to find a way to join in the fun with his new guy pals.  So, he talked the boys into allowing the duo to temporarily being a trio on a little song called “Beat It” on the ship’s  Karaoke Night.  I have never been to karaoke but couldn’t stop laughing at the boys (my husband especially) getting in there and entertaining the ships nite club crowd.  In my mind, I could imagine our sons telling, pleading, yelling to their dad to “Stop Singing, DAD!”

Hopefully, JB Rocket will remember the little people when they make it to the BIG TIME, and now knowing them, they will.  Everyone really needs to go check these guys out. True Talent.  And of course, one last shot of Barry with the gang.  No surprise that you don’t see me in any shots:  I don’t really show up on film or anything that creates imagery… I wonder if that has anything to do with my latest book about vampires?  Hmmm….

We were honored to be apart of the amazing benefit that supported the Stephanie Spielman fund for Breast Cancer Research.  So many wonderful people took part on this cruise for a very important cause.  How lucky were we to come home with some great memories and new friendships as well?