Some of our dearest friends, Patrick and Jennifer, moved back to Florida not too long ago and we have really missed them beyond words.  Well, as timing and luck would have it, we were able to swing by and see them along with Jacob, Lily and Maggie for half a day during a recent trip back East.

The kids have grown and changed so much in such a short period of time.  It makes me realize even more how quickly our own boys continue to change and develop into little men. 

Of course, I had my camera ready to go.  Even though the temperatures were freezing and we were in the middle of winter, we found a way to capture those amazing eyes that definitely say we are “family”. 

This was our first time meeting the littlest darling and sure wished we could have stayed longer.  Some way, some how, we will find a way to continue to document this amazing family.  Oh, and Mom and Dad will not get out of the next group photo.