I truly didn’t expect to be so emotional as I was for Zachary’s Kindergarten graduation.  I always hear that everything is tougher when your youngest child goes through the process, but this entire experience was much more personal for our family.

Without going into too much detail, many of you know that Zach has signs of a hearing disorder called CAPD  (Central Auditory Processing Disorder).  Basically, dyslexia with hearing.  He hears fine.  Actually too fine.  His hearing senses are extremely acute and he has difficulty keeping all the information that comes in organized and simplified.  The stimulus can send his emotions over the top when the volume and his surroundings are more than he can handle.  So, you can only imagine how difficult this can be in a school setting. 

But by the middle of the year, he pushed through with the amazing help of his teacher and everyone else at the school along with his family and friends caring and devoting their time and energy to help him find his balance.  He reads and writes and draws all the time now.  He is truly excited to be in school and loves to be challenged.  Zach is already asking when does First Grade start.

So, with all these wonderful emotions, we are heading to Monterey.  A little business and a lot of family time.  A first for the Boys and I to see the Aquarium.  Since we told Zach where we are headed, he has been designing and creating an art book that will show what he is going to learn about with ” … all the species of sea life…”  he will get to see.  I hope his teacher knows what an inspiration she has been for him. 

Zachary’s graduation ceremony was perfect.  The kids sang their hearts out and we all learned about the individual humor and personality of each of these adorable children. 

Each child received a special candy award from their teacher.  This was really cute since it was her way of describing a very strong memory she had for each of them.  Zach received gourmet jelly beans “for bringing the most amazing lunches to school”.  He even brought one for her one day.  His idea!

We love this kid more than words can describe.  Next stop… 2022.  Wow.