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Just a Fabulous Day

Well, I couldn’t resist.  And with the extra push from my dear hubby… We had to post a couple of images from Janell and Jordan’s wedding this last Saturday. 

Janell was stunning and her smiles and laughter were contagious.   I have enjoyed every moment working with this beautiful lady throughout her planning process.  Wedding day was no exception. 

Then there is Jordan… what can we say about this guy?  All I should really say is I think Barry has a new best friend.  But of course, there is always more to the story.  Jordan is full of surprises.  In fact, he had been in an accident two days before the wedding and you wouldn’t have known it for a second. 

Janell and Jordan were married at the Woodbridge Golf and Country Club in Woodbridge, California.  The grounds were spectacular and there were endless options for exploring romantic photo opportunities.  We decided to share a few favorites of ours from the rustic fields, to the lakes, and the vibrant flowers all around the club house. 

We wish these two amazing  all the best on their new adventures.  Their wedding was just fabulous and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

A Perfect Time

It’s almost here!  Janell and Jordan’s wedding!  While Janell and I are talking regularly on the phone about the final details of the day, I couldn’t help but post some of their engagement images to kick off the celebration.

We decided to mix it up a little and head to Roseville and have a little fun with this amazing couple.  Jordan had found a little rural park area in the middle of a quiet neighborhood and it turned out to be absolutely perfect.

Oh, but we didn’t stop there.  This lovely pair play a mean game of golf.  But not the type of golf you are thinking of.

So, miniature golf it was.  We headed right to Golfland-SunSplash and really had a blast.  We were laughing so hard at times, I am not sure who had more fun.  Barry is definitely still talking about the day.

Even Barry’s creative juices were overflowing and he found a spot for one of his favorite poses.

The wedding is less than two weeks away and we are so anxious to spoil these two in every way possible.  Janell and Jordan are just completely fun and enjoyable and in love.  What a perfect blend of wedding bliss.

See you guys soon!