What do you consider a playground?  I have to admit that my boys are pretty spoiled with our “little” ranchette.  They even have a playground that includes at least 6 over sized truck and tractor tires for climbing around.  But when I think of using your true imagination while at play as a kid… well, meet Ricki Lynn and Jackson.  Their horse, Bonnie, was a true love and wait until you see the tractors they get to climb on.

Talk about the world is your playground.  How cool is it for these kiddos to meet up with their Dad while he was harvesting rice?

Many of you know we are definitely not strangers to the rice fields.  We love the endless opportunities to explore the light, the textures, and just the energy it always brings to a session.  Especially when little ones are involved.  We would have never been able to get our boys out of there.  Seriously.  I almost couldn’t get Barry out.  He and Jack were racing and even a little game of hide and go seek with Ricki Lynn.  Only because she could hide very easily.

And yes, Dad took a moment from work to meet up for a quick picture.  We had the kids all warmed up and ready to go.  This is a memory they won’t forget.