You know how I love to tell stories about the great time and experiences we have with all of our customers.  Well, I thought I would share some bits of laughs and frustrations with our boys.  Yes, we have those moments too.  Believe it or not, we feel deflated after any attempt to get pictures of our own boys.  The worse part, they know all of our tricks.  They are usually helping us with family sessions to get the little ones to relax and laugh.  Having our kids around can be a great advantage and a reminder why it is so important to lock in these little moments whenever we can.

Then, to make matters worse, I go ahead and say…”hey, let’s add the dogs!”  Yes, I have some real moments of weakness.  I watch the boys play endlessly with the three girls of ours.  So, why should this attempt be any more trouble than usual?  Well, obviously, sitting still is very different from playing for all five of them.  Silly, Mom.

This shot is a favorite.  It reminded me of the tire swing moment when they were so still and peaceful.  Same feeling here, but I think they were just worn out from Mom and Dad trying to pose them over and over again.   They really didn’t want to look at us.

Oh, and the title… “Just One More, Please…?”  was being pleaded endlessly along with every emotion you can imagine.  I know you all have been there one time or another. 

And then it happens.  Silence, except for the giggles and the clicking of the camera firing away, of course.  We just need ONE image, right?  Just one to prove they are happy, healthy and truly adorable little buggers.

But in the end, we did get a little more than we asked for.  The reminders of their personalities, quirks and just being boys.  The looks and their own style of communication with one another that only they understand.  And they know it.  People ask if they are twins all the time.  Well, they definitely have everyone thinking they are… but isn’t that what being brothers is really about?