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Congratulations Class of 2011

As June comes to a rather quick end, I can’t help but think about all the celebrations that are traditionally recognized this time of year.  Highschool graduation is one of the most highlighted and timeless moments we know.  I really wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to some of the amazing young adults that came through our studio this year for their senior portraits.  Not good luck, but WOW!  They were inspiring and I mean that in so many ways.  I found myself in awe hearing about their dreams and plans and the goals they are already on their way to achieve.   So, stop and enjoy these beautiful faces and wish them the best on their new adventures.


True Love

Do you remember only a few weeks ago how the weather caught us completely off guard for the beginning of June?  Especially for all of the brides and the grooms that planned their weddings for the wonderful summer sun.

Yes, it rained, and it rained a lot.  But there was never a moment I didn’t see the sun with this amazing couple.  Patty and Pete were married in the beautiful St. Francis in Sacramento and their captivating reception was held at Catta Verdera Country Club.

Needless to say, “Nothing” stopped these two from having a spectacular time celebrating their day.  And the weather agreed.  It only added to the effects that made the experience that much more memorable and perfect for capturing.

What a gorgeous couple on a beautiful day.  A privilege to be part of a true romance that will be a story to write about for years to come.  Congratulations Patty and Pete!

Beauty by the Sea

I couldn’t resist putting a couple of images on the blog of Meagan and Phil as we head out the door for their wonderful wedding celebration Part II.  Their formal reception with family and friends is tonight at a the beautiful local Pescatore Winery in the foothills of Newcastle.  It won’t be hard to recognize that their intimate wedding ceremony was at an incredible location on the coastline of Carmel by the Sea  just a few weeks ago. 

Here are just a couple of shots to remind Meagan and Phil of the amazing moment in time they had with each other and some of their friends.  Just a little mood setter for tonight.   We were pretty speechless with the location too.  Let us know what the first word is that comes to your thoughts as you enjoy our little tid bits.

What a fabulous time with a fabulous couple that only make the people around them smile and laugh all the time.  I truly can remember the personal vows they share with each other and how much this day meant to them.    Congratulations again to Meagan and Phil on their beautiful future together.

Just Stop and Smile

With all the crazy rain and unpredictable weather and wedding season in kicking into full gear, I couldn’t resist posting a couple of images that just made me smile every time I came across them at my desk.  Sunshine comes in all different forms for us.  These two little ones are perfect examples of the best kind of happiness you can find.

We were able to squeeze in a sunny day shoot between storms and it was a perfect day.  Now, I can’t take all the credit for these smiles:  Julie and William are a couple of regulars at the studio and they actually make us laugh and giggle right along with them.  For them, they are just coming over to hang out and have fun. 

It takes just a moment to capture these little faces, expressions and giggles, but they last forever.  William just turned One and Julie just turned Four, and I swear we just took their newborn pictures.