Honestly, sometimes I have a very tough time coming up with the right words for sharing my thoughts when showing  images.  This would be a perfect example because all I do when I see this gorgeous bride is smile.  From the moment I met Vanessa in January, she hasn’t stopped smiling.   Well, her wedding day was no exception. 

Ahh, but then there was Troy.  The true source of the smiles for this lovely bride. 

And look at this army of support!  There was no question how much these two amazing people are loved.

The day was beautiful at Morgan Creek Golf Club.  Trinity and her staff were wonderful and on top of everything.  We couldn’t ask for better timing with the sun setting and the cool breeze that kicked in as we took a few more quick shots of Vanessa and Troy on the grounds.

Troy was showing off a few more little tricks of entertainment. 

The Celebration was amazing and even included a beautiful cake from Sweet Cakes by Rebecca

Vanessa and Troy… Have a truly wonderful adventure and never forget how to keep each other smiling.  A true gift you both give each other every day.