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Part Two ~ Behind the Scenes

This is one blog I have been really, really excited to write.  A very long time coming since I have been seriously working on this idea for several years.  Yet, the idea is not new in any respect to that of innovation.  In fact, my Dad had this idea to share with our customers over 15 years ago.  But we all know where technology was back then. 

I am going to ramble a tad bit and share a few more images of Amanda and Brian’s wedding.  I’m sure you won’t mind since they were truly an amazing couple and our Part Two is about them too.

With all the hustle and bustle going on preparing for the largest bridal show in the area, (Sunday morning) we are constantly reminded on how important the details are for planning a wedding.  Even going through Amanda and Brian’s images, I have been remembering all the details in working out their timelines, family photo combinations, etc.  All part of the relationship we build with our brides and grooms.  The relationship and personal care that enables us to capture everything they wanted and more.

But how do we show that ahead of time?  We have been extremely fortunate and blessed to have the amazing support and following of our earlier brides and grooms and their families.  They spread the word about us and even go into great detail and lengths to share their experiences with others.  We will be spoiled with that support again by having Amanda join us at the Bridal Showcase this Sunday, January 9th at Cal Expo.  She is an absolute delight and will be very helpful giving first had advice on what worked for her on planning her amazing wedding.

Well, we didn’t want to stop there.  It has always been so important to Barry and I that everyone feels how much we value creating a relaxed and comfortable experience on wedding day.  We want our couples to savor every moment of the journey and relive that memory through their images.  So with that in mind, we had an additional short film produced to show a little of the fun and interaction we have with everyone. 


Visit our new short film and visit us at the Bridal Showcase.  We want to hear about your wedding plans and how we can personalize our services to you.

A Bright New Addition for the New Year!

This may appear like a typical blog about a fabulous wedding we typically shoot, but we have so much more to share.  We will of course, include a few favorite images.

We take a very personal role with each and every wedding we photograph.  To the point of explaining how important working relationships are in every detail from flowers, to cake, with the entertainment, food… You name it.  So, when this dear couple, Amanda and Brian came to our studio, there was no exception.  They were off to an incredible start with Melissa at Floral Creations and Joe with Sj’s Disc Jockey.

One of the best part of our relationships with our couples, is that the inspiration goes both ways.  Amanda and Brian wanted something they couldn’t find, and I, of course, had to figure a way to make it happen.  Don’t get me wrong.  We have been brainstorming this idea for some time on how to make it our own style and personal touch.  It just took the right couple and the talent of a great friend to help pull it all together.

Amanda and Brian’s wedding was at the Ryde Hotel with all the charm and features a photographer dreams about when capturing timeless moments for their couples.  And Amanda included a little spark of her own.

We find having some of our best moments of inspiration comes so naturally while working with amazing couples and extremely talented professionals. 

Our newest addition to our Ford Family Photography studio services will be a short film of wedding day highlights.  We can’t begin to thank our very dear friend and cinematographer, Sam Harnack, for his talented creation.  We are very excited to be able to offer another personal and customized service for our customers.  Enjoy!

Amanda and Brian’s Short Film

It’s All About Weddings

It’s that time of year again.  Bridal Shows are popping up every where you look, and we are very excited to be participating at the Bridal Showcase this Sunday, August 15th from 11am to 4pm.

So, why bridal shows?  Aren’t they crazy busy and a bit over whelming?  My advice, select the shows that will offer you a variety of vendors to meet and greet and one that is very well established.  The experience is truly worth your time when you start to think about all the scheduling, phone calls, emails you can be saving yourself by meeting a diverse selection of professionals in one location.  What a great way to also include your family and friends along for support and feedback.

Don’t forget to eat before you come as well as stay hydrated to keep your energy up.  You will also want to wear very comfortable shoes.  

Other helpful tips, bring along pre-printed labels with your wedding and contact information for attaching to sign up forms.  This will save you and your hands a great deal of writing.  Your mobile phones or even a small video camera can be a great tool for capturing design ideas and remembering favorite booths.  Which reminds me… We will be sure to capture your attention with our cool booth design.

We are here to help you through the planning process.  Bring note pads, sample clippings and anything you would like to share with us while you plan your wedding.  We want to hear all about the details.

Have a great time and we look forward to meeting you there!


Just incredible… We couldn’t have asked for a better experience at the Bridal Showcase just yesterday at Cal Expo.   The show kicked off with a bang right from the beginning and we weren’t even able to get shots of the booth until just before we broke down to leave.  Now, that is busy!

Busy is only one way to describe the day.  I actually prefer to describe it a exhilarating!  We met so many incredible brides and grooms along with their family and friends.  We got to hear about all the amazing wedding plans and dreams including locations from Maui, Sedona, Tahoe, Napa, San Francisco and even the spectacular places right here in the Sacramento region.  From intimate celebrations of 25 guests to a week long celebration of three cultures.

If you came by our booth, tell us what your favorite feature was.  We are placing bets on the most popular attractions:  The Fine Art Album with Ostrich and Acrylic cover, Our Rusted Backdrop with 6 Amazing Art Wraps OR the Photo Curtain with 158 Images hanging from clips.  Please, do share!

Thank you, Thank you , Thank you again for such an amazing day and spending the time with us.  We can’t wait to hear from you all and learn more about your wedding dreams.  Happy Planning!