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How Important are the Details?

It’s time to get down to business again.  Wedding season is in full swing and all the details are being finalized as the important day quickly approaches.  So, how do you know if you are missing anything?  Why in the world would a photographer bother talking about silly little details such as toasting glasses, gift card holders and even table settings.  Seriously.

Let me give it to you straight.  It really is a very simple formula that has worked for us for many years photographing brides and grooms.  A Happy Bride and Groom  = A Great Celebration.  A Great Celebration = Amazing Images.  (Here is where it gets interesting)  Amazing Images = A REALLY HAPPY Bride and Groom.  

Now, I am aware that we are not part of the detail planning that goes into selecting all the little parts and pieces that go into your wedding.  But, I can tell you that our brides and grooms contact us on a regular basis to discuss many of these points of interests and traditions.  Our planning sessions have been so successful in helping our couples work out the wedding day timeline and visualize how everything falls into place.

Don’t forget that there are so many other resources of guidance that can help in every way.  Wedding Coordinators and Event Planners such as Lora Ward and Kendra Pfeiffer are just two amazing ladies that give you support and direction you shouldn’t live without.  They have resources and experience that can help make your planning and wedding stress free as well as a truly enjoyable experience.  Color matching, sizes and shapes of center pieces, linens, table placements, favors, etc. are just a few of the many details of your day. 

Other professional resources include florists, Dj’s, and on-site coordinators.  Kelly at Monte Verde Inn and  Harmony at Citizen Hotel both have years of experience taking care of their brides and grooms down to the very last detail.  They are experts at their locations and know how to make your day absolutely fabulous.  Let your professional vendors take care of you.

Here is where we step in.  Of course, our role is to capture the memories of your labor of love.  However, many of these details play an important role with the flow of your day.  We can’t start pictures if your flowers are late.  Nothing is worse than the groom’s suit not fitting or having the wrong vest and tie color.  Where are the customize engraved toasting glasses as the Champagne is being poured?

The point is… we are documenting your own moment in time.  Your very own piece of history and new family traditions.  Every detail you dreamed about sharing with family and friends are going to be part of your wedding album of memories.  Don’t miss out on these important images. 

Have fun with the details and let everyone involved help, including your friends and family.  We will be there too.  Making sure your toasting glasses are filled and the candy bar is topped off.  Who wouldn’t want that job?

Citizen Style

FordFamilyCitizenHotelAbsolutely breathtaking!  Alyssa and Austin chose to celebrate their wedding with family and friends at the incredible Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento.  FordFamilyCitizenHotel6

The location, the staff, the details were perfect.  Leave it to Harmony Lines, Catering Sales Manage, to have everything perfectly in place and not skip a beat.




Alyssa was stunning in her vintage style dress and veil and Austin looking very charming.  I loved how our wonderful couple fit the charm and elegance of The Citizen.  We had an incredible time shooting this wedding and working with everyone.  Can’t wait to return.  There are so many unique areas in the hotel to create one of a kind images and memories.

Brides and Grooms, check out the Citizen Hotel.  You won’t be disappointed.