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What a Beautiful Beginning!

As 2012 Weddings begin wrapping up, 2013 is in full swing with bookings and engagements.  We wanted to share one of our latest and favorites.

Everyone we photograph have their own unique style and personality and it is what makes the experience so much fun for all of us.   Now, Allison and Jordan had something very unique and all their own.  It was contagious and incredible.  No words can describe how special these two are with each other.

Barry will have to post which pose number this was tagged at.  Of course, you can only imagine how much fun he was having interacting with Allison and Jordan.  He keeps asking when the wedding will be since he obviously didn’t get enough time to hang out with them.

What a beautiful future ahead for these two!  Congratulations to Allison and Jordan.  More stories are sure to come.

Favorite Memories

Where do we begin?  This was definitely an engagement session for the records.  We love when our brides and grooms come to us with passion to have their pictures taken in places that really mean something to them and not just for their wedding day experience.

Kim and Chris knew from the beginning that the Mendocino Coast was the place they wanted to have their memories captured.  They chose to start the day at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens.  Barry and I could have spent the entire day taking pictures and exploring the incredible gardens.

Next was a drive up the coast to Pacific Star Winery.  Wow.  The moment we stepped out of our cars, we heard someone shout “whales!”.   But the best part was the atmosphere of the cliffs and openness you would never have expected.  A little mist and light sprinkles started as we arrived creating an amazing look and feel to the entire surroundings.  Kim and Chris even enjoyed a great class of wine to savor the moment.

Then, we couldn’t resist making one last effort for the beach even though the rain was coming in a bit stronger.

A perfect way to spend a weekend.  The coast is always so beautiful and peaceful.  But we couldn’t imagine having more fun with a great couple.  We are so excited for Chris and Kim’s wedding coming up this September.  We hear that Kim’s smiles can actually get bigger!

If These Dogs Could Talk

When we met Nena and Chevy’s family, we were amazed at the connection they all had with each other.  Barry and I teach our boys to always respect, love and enjoy animals but I think we met our match.  This family of four truly enjoyed each other.

The fun wasn’t just limited to their dogs, they also brought out the heavy artillery.  With every pose, Nena and Chevy seemed more comfortable in this country setting, having fun and almost forgetting Barry and I were also there (just look at their expressions).  But, seriously, we had a ball and  next year’s wedding at Taber Ranch  is on our “Can’t Wait to Do List”.

Did we mention she had “her” rifle and he had “his” pistol??

We had a great time hanging out with Nena and Chevy.  But before they could leave they spent a little time loving on our horse, Sienna.  This horse loves her picture taken almost as much as these dogs did.  It is great to know that our ranch studio can be entertaining for everyone. 

 Thank you both for such a great time and we can’t wait for your wedding.  You both make an amazing couple.

Lovely Lakeside Engagement

As we spend a great deal of time with our brides and grooms, we are honored to hear about their own personal love stories.  But it even gets better when they take you to the location of their first date!

This is the very bench they sat on their first date.  How cool is that?  But the fun was just getting started.

We always talk about how weddings are Barry and I’s date nights, but I have to say, our engagement sessions are kicking some serious butt lately.  We had an amazing time hanging out with Leslie and Dan.  I love the early time we get to spend with our brides and grooms as they make their journey to their wedding day bliss.  And what an amazing wedding they will have at Catta Verdera Country Club along with some of the best wedding professionals around including Extreme Productions, Divine Desserts , and Floral Creations by Melissa.

Beals Point at Folsom Lake ended up being a terrific location for the session.  The Lake looked amazing with the water levels being so much higher after all of the winter rains.  The surrounding hillsides and landscapes were open and just breathtaking with the white mountain peaks in the back ground.  We even laughed about feeling like we were on Safari or somewhere else exotic since there weren’t any crowds and the scenery was breathtaking.

Thank you Leslie and Dan for a truly wonderful time.  You both are incredible people and make a phenomenal team.  Your wedding day is going to be stunning and remarkable. 

Change can be Great!

As many of you know, Barry and I remodeled our studio gallery space a couple of years ago to bring in more of our personality and photography style.  But if you look closely, we have done it again.  More changes.  There are even subtle changes in this image of the new direction taking place.

We’ll come back to this in a moment.  The changes I really want to share have to do with an entirely new expansion.  It couldn’t have come at a better time too.  Now, I know some of you have had the chance to see it for yourself and even during the  construction phase.  But I love showing it off just the same.

We finally did it.  We expanded the studio gallery to our upstairs space.  approximately 900 sq. feet of space.  More than I ever dreamed of having.  The perfect amount to give our studio families all the room they need to relax and prepare for their sessions and reviews.

So, why the addition?  Why not keep everything cozy in the original space?  Why change anything at all if it is working?

This is the cool part… Everything we do is about our customers.  How comfortable we can possibly make your experience from the consultation to the photo session, to the review, and even picking up your orders. 

We had always been comfortable having everyone come into the house and make themselves at home.  But now we are able to really take it to the next level.  We have a full kitchen with a huge variety of refreshments including juices, waters, tea, sodas, etc.  Little ones are able to play on the amazing floor space with a selection of toys and puzzles.  We have a walk in closet for hanging outfits.  Our bathroom has a full size mirror and plenty of space for moving around and changing.  We even have a bedroom fully equipped with everything you need during those precious newborn sessions.  Blankets, hats, diapers, and all those little needed details in between. 

We love change.  Barry and I enjoy challenging our senses and exploring new directions.  It is how we keep growing and improving our photography style and personal customer care.  We have always said our customers are our studio family.  There isn’t a better way than to give you that true feeling of being home.  We love seeing everyone just take a deep breath and relax as soon as they come up stairs.

Oh, and coming back to the first picture of our down stairs studio space… our brides and grooms have their own place to focus on just wedding details.  Now they do have the opportunity to enjoy the experience upstairs as well.  Especially for their engagement sessions.  We have even had a wonderful couple use our kitchen for their session while they prepared a dinner for each other.  That will be another blog coming to you shortly.  It was perfect!

I have to really thank our studio family.  Without your continuing returns and referrals to our little place in the country, we would never have dreamt of taking on this adventure.  My “Boys” (all three of them), are quickly learning that Mom now has her own get away spot.  Forget the Man Cave idea.

Love in The City

Does it really get any better than this?  Barry and I are still talking about how much fun we had with Patty and Pete.  To be in San Francisco is as much of an experience for us as it is for our couples no matter how many times we photograph there.

Patty wanted variety.  She wanted sexy.  She wanted to see San Francisco.  Of course that meant we had to take them to the wharf as well.  China Town, Knob Hill, Lombard Street, you name it.  We just had a ball.  Oh, yeah, we did take a few pictures along the way.

Now only Patty and Pete could make going out to the beach on a very chilly and windy day an absolute blast.  We completely forgot about the wind chill just watching them end the perfect day on Baker Beach.

Can you imagine how amazing their wedding is going to be?  I can and I just can’t wait!

Savanna Smiles

If an engagement session is any indicator to what we have in store for wedding day, well Savanna and Matt are going to give their guests some real excitement today.

And yes, I did say today.  We are heading out the door to Grace Vineyards in Galt for this perfect summer wedding celebration.  I couldn’t resist sharing a few images to set the mood.

Our lovely couple will be including a Jazz Band for the evening entertainment along with the flare of the Great Gatsby era.  We can’t wait and the weather couldn’t be more terrific.

A Perfect Time

It’s almost here!  Janell and Jordan’s wedding!  While Janell and I are talking regularly on the phone about the final details of the day, I couldn’t help but post some of their engagement images to kick off the celebration.

We decided to mix it up a little and head to Roseville and have a little fun with this amazing couple.  Jordan had found a little rural park area in the middle of a quiet neighborhood and it turned out to be absolutely perfect.

Oh, but we didn’t stop there.  This lovely pair play a mean game of golf.  But not the type of golf you are thinking of.

So, miniature golf it was.  We headed right to Golfland-SunSplash and really had a blast.  We were laughing so hard at times, I am not sure who had more fun.  Barry is definitely still talking about the day.

Even Barry’s creative juices were overflowing and he found a spot for one of his favorite poses.

The wedding is less than two weeks away and we are so anxious to spoil these two in every way possible.  Janell and Jordan are just completely fun and enjoyable and in love.  What a perfect blend of wedding bliss.

See you guys soon!

Warm Enough in Truckee

Before we give in with pure joy to the warmth of that Spring Sun we have been desiring for so long, I had to remind myself that there was a bit of joy for us in the snow this year as well.  One of our favorite towns, Truckee, California, was the hot spot for one of my favorite engagement sessions.  Meet Marika and Brian.

We timed the day just right and met them on their way up to spend a long weekend with family hitting the local ski slopes.  We were sooo jealous.  Maybe next year.

There are so many funky little spots to take pictures through out downtown Truckee and we could have hung out with these two all day.  Such an amazing time.  Lucky for us, Marika and Brian’s wedding is just around the corner.  Their two-day event is going to be an incredible experience and we are so honored to be able to share it with them.  Without a doubt, there will be more to post on these two very soon.

Destination California?

Normally, we encourage our brides and grooms to hold off a couple of months to have their engagement pictures taken since Spring is right around the corner.  All the flowers and trees will be in bloom and full of life.   But Madison and Ben had other plans.  They decided to have their destination wedding at the incredible Monte Verde Inn over the holidays.  Yes, California was the destination since our wonderful couple are from Texas.  Madison and Ben had come into town a couple days before the wedding and we took advantage of the clear weather and the downtown charm of Old Town Auburn.

It just goes to show you that it really doesn’t matter what season or time of year it is,  your engagement session is as unique as you are.  There are so many locations all around our region that can offer amazing backdrops and inspirations to match your personality and desires.  Where would you like to have your engagement pictures taken? 

Had to include this last shot of the holiday ornaments for the Christmas spirit.  Madison and Ben were wonderful and we couldn’t wait for the wedding in two days.  Here are two sneak peeks from the wedding.  A perfect beginning to the holidays.  Merry Christmas and Congratulations to Madison and Ben.