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It’s Santa Paws Time Again

One week away!  Santa will be here to take pictures with you and your family.  And we mean fur family members too!

We can’t believe we are in our 5th year already supporting this incredible organization call AAARF.    The event this year is going to be bigger and better than ever including a bake sale, raffle, crafts and a variety of vendors supporting your pets and family.

Your family picture with Santa is $12 and includes a 5×7.  All proceeds go to AAARF to support their endless animal rescue efforts.  Their facility is amazing and the volunteers supporting this organization are even more incredible.  Every time we visit their facility, we are always blown away by how clean and inviting the surroundings are.   It is a true haven for these animals.

We have even added an additional hour since the support for this benefit continues to grow every year.  We look forward to seeing everyone next Sunday, November 14th from 10am to 3pm.


Families Helping Families

It’s Official!

Ford Family Photography and our amazing family of studio customers will be adopting two local families for the holidays.  All the official details are coming in as we speak.  But to start, here are some of the basic details for all of you “planners” that want to get a head start.

Family Blue (for two little boys, of course) have a 2-year-old boy and 1-year-old boy.  The primary request is for warm clothes and diapers. 

Family Pink (girl power here) have a 5-year-old girl and a 1-year-old girl.  The primary request again is for warm clothes and diapers.

We will have tags for everyone to select specific items for toys, sizes, colors, etc.  Please feel free to contact us at the studio directly if you would like to start donating now.  Many of you will be coming through the studio for family sessions in the next couple of weeks and can select your tags then.  We will have tags for the Mom’s of the children as well.  We find that food gift cards are usually the necessity and most desirable.

Thank you for all the amazing support on this new adventure.  We have already been receiving so many calls and offers to help out these two families for the holidays.

A Little Too Cute!

I couldn’t resist posting a couple of images from a session we just had of a little darling that is truly growing up in our studio right before our eyes.  We had the honor of photographing her parent’s wedding and they have honored us again with bringing little Miss Brynn to us since she was just a week old.

Believe me when I say nothing tickles us more than little smiles and giggles all around our place.  Good thing we have plenty of room for the all the fun they can have.   

I can’t wait to find a place for this little lady on our New Studio Gallery wall.  (More on this later…)  Now, which one do we select? 

Thank you Mom and Dad for always bringing a smile to our day when Brynn comes up!

Oh Baby, Baby

What can I say about this beautiful little girl?  Meet perfect Miss Emily.  I have a lot of images to share, so let’s get busy.

Emily’s parents are very special to us as well.  Barry and I were honored to have photographed their wedding at the amazing Monte Verde Inn.   Their wedding was stunning, but their latest “creation” had me speechless.


We are always so tickled to have our brides and grooms come back to the studio with their growing families. 

Emily was also our first baby session in our new studio apartment space.  We were able to keep the room warm and toasty for her, and she didn’t seem mind any new poses we were wanted to try out.  We were even able to try out some of our latest baby accessories from JoCo Couture.

Oh, thank you Lindy and Matt for bringing in your precious little girl and letting me play with you guys.  I just love that our studio family continues to takes us on the best adventures and friendships.

Class of 2022


I truly didn’t expect to be so emotional as I was for Zachary’s Kindergarten graduation.  I always hear that everything is tougher when your youngest child goes through the process, but this entire experience was much more personal for our family.

Without going into too much detail, many of you know that Zach has signs of a hearing disorder called CAPD  (Central Auditory Processing Disorder).  Basically, dyslexia with hearing.  He hears fine.  Actually too fine.  His hearing senses are extremely acute and he has difficulty keeping all the information that comes in organized and simplified.  The stimulus can send his emotions over the top when the volume and his surroundings are more than he can handle.  So, you can only imagine how difficult this can be in a school setting. 

But by the middle of the year, he pushed through with the amazing help of his teacher and everyone else at the school along with his family and friends caring and devoting their time and energy to help him find his balance.  He reads and writes and draws all the time now.  He is truly excited to be in school and loves to be challenged.  Zach is already asking when does First Grade start.

So, with all these wonderful emotions, we are heading to Monterey.  A little business and a lot of family time.  A first for the Boys and I to see the Aquarium.  Since we told Zach where we are headed, he has been designing and creating an art book that will show what he is going to learn about with ” … all the species of sea life…”  he will get to see.  I hope his teacher knows what an inspiration she has been for him. 

Zachary’s graduation ceremony was perfect.  The kids sang their hearts out and we all learned about the individual humor and personality of each of these adorable children. 

Each child received a special candy award from their teacher.  This was really cute since it was her way of describing a very strong memory she had for each of them.  Zach received gourmet jelly beans “for bringing the most amazing lunches to school”.  He even brought one for her one day.  His idea!

We love this kid more than words can describe.  Next stop… 2022.  Wow.

All Eyes Here

Some of our dearest friends, Patrick and Jennifer, moved back to Florida not too long ago and we have really missed them beyond words.  Well, as timing and luck would have it, we were able to swing by and see them along with Jacob, Lily and Maggie for half a day during a recent trip back East.

The kids have grown and changed so much in such a short period of time.  It makes me realize even more how quickly our own boys continue to change and develop into little men. 

Of course, I had my camera ready to go.  Even though the temperatures were freezing and we were in the middle of winter, we found a way to capture those amazing eyes that definitely say we are “family”. 

This was our first time meeting the littlest darling and sure wished we could have stayed longer.  Some way, some how, we will find a way to continue to document this amazing family.  Oh, and Mom and Dad will not get out of the next group photo.

Oh, Baby Baby


Spring is definitely here and our studio has been buzzing around with baby sessions the last couple of weeks.  But the best part of it all, these little bundles of joy are from our previous brides and grooms and other growing studio families.

Meet our latest studio member, Cole Robert.  His parents were married at the Winchester Country Club, and it was truly an incredible event.

Believe me, as my little men continue to grow faster every day, having little babies come into our studio is a true treat for us.  It always reminds us of how precious those moments in time really are.  I couldn’t imagine not having pictures of my boys through out their little lives since they change unbelievably fast.

Thank you to all our parents for this honor to create family heirlooms for you.  We take it to heart and love watching our studio family continue to grow.