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Just Cakes

They are Bold and Beautiful and of course, Delicious.  What a beautiful and stunning way to pull all your favorite touches of your Wedding Day into one perfect centerpiece.  The design options are endless: Colors, textures, flowers, jewels, and ribbons.

The flavors are mouth-watering:  Marble, Pink Champagne, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter and Chocolate… Just to name a few favorites.

Don’t forget the Topper.  Your own personal stamp and timeless touch.

We really enjoy photographing cakes.  They are a one-of-a-kind piece of art.   And these designs happen to be from Kelly Dalisa at Monte Verde Inn.  She never ceases to amaze us with her creativity.

But the best part of the cake is how excited our brides and grooms are when they see and taste this incredible creation.  We will have to share the action shots for a later blog.

If I had a recommendation to all my brides and grooms when selecting their cakes and designs:  Don’t be shy and have fun with it!    Barry and I still talk about our cake from our wedding 12 years ago.   Oh, don’t forget about the cake tasting.   A perfect date if you ask me.

Enjoy designing your cake and share with us your favorite flavors and designs.

A Lovely Summer Day

Another beautiful and lovely summer wedding at the exquisite Monte Verde Inn.  Summer weddings are ideal here with all the gardens and flowers in full bloom.  Kellie and Brad’s wedding day was no exception.  They even kept the color scheme to light and softer tones for adding a little more romance to the feel of the day.

Oh, and there was adorable little Presley. 

This little darling was a true angel.  She even had Barry wrapped around her finger. 

Kellie and Brad’s day was complete with family and friends relaxing and enjoying the incredible grounds and food.  Dancing under the stars was perfectly orchestrated by Larry with Extreme Productions.  It was a beautiful day and a perfect celebration for everyone.

Color Me Pretty

Let’s talk color.  Better yet, let’s talk about flowers.  They seem to be the central theme of color pallets in our wedding designs, so why not start here. Though it isn’t as easy as it seems, is it? 

I am just going to show a good handful of the cards we had on display at the Bridal Showcase on January 10th.  These were hanging on our “Photo Curtain” to give inspiration to so many styles and ideas for weddings that are out there.  Many of you even took some of our samples as reminders.  How easy was that?

How are you selecting your flowers?  Will it be based on your favorite flower type, favorite color, or just something to match the dresses?  A professional florist will be an amazing source of inspiration as well as a design resource.  These ideas are often the center of your overall decor for the entire wedding theme.   Many of the best local florists are the designers for the stunning bouquets I am showing off including: Melissa Forrester with Floral Creations, O’Shays, Blooms by Martha Andrews, and Jackie’s Flowers.

By now you are asking why would I talk about flowers when I am a photographer.  Why should it matter to me anyway?  Well, look who took these images.  More than anything, who will be taking ALL of your images that document the entire wedding experience?  So, my motivation is to help our brides and grooms with some of the toughest decisions they will encounter and get right to the point.  We want your experience to be just perfect. 

Hire a professional florist and hire a florist that comes highly recommended.  The companies I listed above are examples of florists that do outstanding work because I can tell you from experience how their creations {LAST} throughout the day!  Did you know that your flowers could be too old or too “tired” to make it through the ceremony.  Guess what your pictures will look like with a limp bouquet or corsage on Mom.  How about having filler that will disperse all over your gown every time you move.  This can take up so much valuable time from taking pictures if we are continuously cleaning off the debris.  You will end up losing many key images if we are stopping to fix or clean up after your flowers.

An expert florist will be sure to ask you the necessary questions on how to create the unique look and design that will only be yours.  Here are some ideas to help prepare yourself when working with a designer.   Be sure to bring fabric samples from the dresses, pictures, ribbon and even magazine articles for them to go over with you.  Many brides come to us knowing what the main color theme will be for the day, but no idea where to start with the type of flowers they want to use.  Perfect!  Your florist will give you the variety of ideas to get you started including which flowers will hold up best in the time of year you will be having your event.  But they will need you to bring the tools to start with.

Be sure you know how big of a bouquet you want to carry around.  Will you have help carrying it while you are walking or resting? (We love doing that for you! 😉  Will the bouquet cover up too much of the dress and hide the important details?  Don’t be afraid to ask on making these type of decisions.  Test the bouquet samples at the shop.  You will be amazed how heavy a bouquet can be or what type of grip you would prefer to have.  Your bridesmaids may not be able to help hold your flowers if theirs are too big and heavy too.

A last thought, don’t short cut your flowers.  Let them bring a little life to the party and to your pictures.  You will never forget them and either will your pictures!

Please share with us the most stunning color combinations you have seen or would like to have at your wedding.