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Makayla 2013

Meet Makayla!  She is kicking off our 2013 HighSchool Senior portrait season with a bang.  This upcoming Placer High School graduate is bright, warm, engaging and an absolute sweetheart.  We had a terrific time getting to know her.

Makayla will also be our senior ambassador.  We are looking forward to a couple more sessions with her throughout her senior year.  Especially, since she is in track and it will be another great way to show off her personality.

Stephanie’s Smile

Wow, we are in full swing already with our senior sessions this year and I still can’t believe 2012 is right around the corner.    I couldn’t wait to show a few of Stephanie’s favorites.   This beautiful lady was a natural and a ball to hang out with.   I may even be able to talk her into another session in the Spring with her ball gown.    Enjoy!

Congratulations Class of 2011

As June comes to a rather quick end, I can’t help but think about all the celebrations that are traditionally recognized this time of year.  Highschool graduation is one of the most highlighted and timeless moments we know.  I really wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to some of the amazing young adults that came through our studio this year for their senior portraits.  Not good luck, but WOW!  They were inspiring and I mean that in so many ways.  I found myself in awe hearing about their dreams and plans and the goals they are already on their way to achieve.   So, stop and enjoy these beautiful faces and wish them the best on their new adventures.


Change can be Great!

As many of you know, Barry and I remodeled our studio gallery space a couple of years ago to bring in more of our personality and photography style.  But if you look closely, we have done it again.  More changes.  There are even subtle changes in this image of the new direction taking place.

We’ll come back to this in a moment.  The changes I really want to share have to do with an entirely new expansion.  It couldn’t have come at a better time too.  Now, I know some of you have had the chance to see it for yourself and even during the  construction phase.  But I love showing it off just the same.

We finally did it.  We expanded the studio gallery to our upstairs space.  approximately 900 sq. feet of space.  More than I ever dreamed of having.  The perfect amount to give our studio families all the room they need to relax and prepare for their sessions and reviews.

So, why the addition?  Why not keep everything cozy in the original space?  Why change anything at all if it is working?

This is the cool part… Everything we do is about our customers.  How comfortable we can possibly make your experience from the consultation to the photo session, to the review, and even picking up your orders. 

We had always been comfortable having everyone come into the house and make themselves at home.  But now we are able to really take it to the next level.  We have a full kitchen with a huge variety of refreshments including juices, waters, tea, sodas, etc.  Little ones are able to play on the amazing floor space with a selection of toys and puzzles.  We have a walk in closet for hanging outfits.  Our bathroom has a full size mirror and plenty of space for moving around and changing.  We even have a bedroom fully equipped with everything you need during those precious newborn sessions.  Blankets, hats, diapers, and all those little needed details in between. 

We love change.  Barry and I enjoy challenging our senses and exploring new directions.  It is how we keep growing and improving our photography style and personal customer care.  We have always said our customers are our studio family.  There isn’t a better way than to give you that true feeling of being home.  We love seeing everyone just take a deep breath and relax as soon as they come up stairs.

Oh, and coming back to the first picture of our down stairs studio space… our brides and grooms have their own place to focus on just wedding details.  Now they do have the opportunity to enjoy the experience upstairs as well.  Especially for their engagement sessions.  We have even had a wonderful couple use our kitchen for their session while they prepared a dinner for each other.  That will be another blog coming to you shortly.  It was perfect!

I have to really thank our studio family.  Without your continuing returns and referrals to our little place in the country, we would never have dreamt of taking on this adventure.  My “Boys” (all three of them), are quickly learning that Mom now has her own get away spot.  Forget the Man Cave idea.

Jen’s Dance with Summertime


We just took Jennifer’s senior model session yesterday and I couldn’t wait to post a couple of images.  She was an absolute dream.

Jen is a senior at Roseville High School and she loves to dance for Roseville High’s Dancin’ Feet’ which she has done every year and has advanced to TA for beginners.

Her favorite classes are Science, Photography, Creative Writing, and Dance (of course).  She is also very active in Roseville League Soccer playing both indoor and outdoor and she has been with the same team for 8 years. Working year round officiating soccer games, she is one of the few female youth referees who have worked with national referees and has had finals in the State Cup Tournament.

Jen’s pastimes include listening to music, hanging out with friends, shopping, and volunteering for Great Pyrenees rescue.

Thank you Jennifer for such a perfect time and we can wait to see you again soon.


Today is a very big day for some special studio members.  It is graduation at Placer High School and we couldn’t be more excited for them.

Meet Megan, Bailey, Mitchell, Aaron, and Kelsey with the gradating class of 2010.

These are very remarkable young adults, and they are going to be truly successful in their lives.  We had a blast hanging out and working with them this last year and hope to see them around.

Enjoy the experience.  We are excited and thrilled for all of you!

Pretty in Pink


Christina brought more to her senior modeling session than a couple of outfits.  She brought fashion.  Nothing like kicking up the energy level a notch or two.


Meet Christina, a senior model for 2011 at Placer High School in Auburn, California.

This is a girl that really knows what she wants.  Christina enjoys singing and photography along with competing in pageants where she holds many national titles.   

Christina also plans on starting college in January of 2011 with a professional goal of forensic psychology.  Now that’s dedication.

Thank you, Christina, for such a wonderful time.  You were an absolute pleasure to photograph.

A Summertime Session for Amber


Spoiled again!  Another kick back session on our studio ranch location.  We had so much fun with Amber, we almost forgot that she had to actually leave to go home.



Amber is another student of Placer High School’s upcoming graduates for 2010.  She is a great person with a such a terrific sense of humor and spirit.




We really look forward to meeting more 2010 graduating seniors as they prepare for such an exciting year.


Summer Time and Seniors


As many parents know with high school seniors entering their final year as graduates of 2010…(Wow, that sounds amazing)… you are being bombarded by so many “needs to have by” requirements.  And senior portraits are among the top of the list.  

Seniors, where do you go to have a “Fresh” look and not feel like everyone else?  Are you being bombarded with endless advertisements in the mail?

We keep it simple and easy with a whole lot of fun.  You tell us what you want and we create the experience for you.  Our summer specials are going strong and we want to help with the rising cost of going back to school. 

*Ask how to be a school ambassador to receive free products. 
*Every senior will receive free images for MySpace and facebook.
*Customized announcements and thank you cards.
See you soon!

Looking Forward to 2010


Wow, this was a great treat for me, especially.  I photographed Megan just recently as she is preparing for her upcoming Senior Year at Placer High School in Auburn, California.  She is not my first senior from this school, but the first graduate that is a daughter of a past school mate of mine.  Yes, I am an alumni from this historic high school in the hills.


Megan will be one of my newest Ambassador/Senior Model this year to showcase our latest work photographing high school graduates.


We can’t wait to take more pictures of Megan as she continues through her newest adventures in High School as a Cheerleader and a Yearbook Staff Member.