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No Crying with these Kids

We have a pretty simple Easter Day with family… A little search for the baskets from Grandma and Papa that begins with a treasure hunt out of rhymes.  Then the usual hunt for eggs.  But I won’t bother showing you those images.  Let’s just get to the point.  The excitement that even has my two boys dropping their baskets full of candies and chocolates and run for their helmets.  

The weather held out for the fourth year in a row and we are literally watching our own boys advance each year into more challenging off-road options.  Zach came home and even shared what his goal will be to ride next Easter.  Wow.  There isn’t even any room for the big kids to join in any more except of course, for Barry.  There is usually a cheer going on for each kid to have a ride with him on something.

I had to throw in a couple of extra images of the cousins for good laughs.  These kids came home wiped out and smiling from ear to ear.  A family day we desperately needed after running around endlessly with school, baseball, and work.  The cousins don’t get to hang out as often as they would love to with each other.

We hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break and Easter as much as we did.  A great chance to unwind and just enjoy the kids. 

Giving from the Heart

Yes, we are officially into the “Giving Season”.  And yes, we know there are so many opportunities and options for giving back to the community including food drives, coat drives and toys drives.  We are always eager to help where ever we can.  But this year, we really wanted to take it a step further and include our studio family in supporting local families that are only asking for basic needs.  We are loving the fact that other kids besides our own boys are participating and learning about how big a family can truly be when they open their hearts.

Here are some of the items we would still like to add to our collection for our Adopt a Family for the Holidays.  The last day to drop your items off at the studio is Sunday, December 12th.  Please remember, the items can be very simple.  A sweater, a package of socks, a pair of sweats, etc.  We are not asking for large items or expensive clothing.  Just warmth.

Warm Clothes for a little boy age one (size 18 months), little girl age five (size 4t), little girl age one (size 2t).

Diapers and wipes sizes 4 and 5

Family Gift Cards for K-Mart, Ross and Pack & Save.  The cards can be simple amounts of $10, $15, etc. 

Feel free to send us a personal email or call the studio directly and let us know how you can help out these two families.  Thank you for all the support we have been receiving already.  This has been an amazing experience already.  A little goes a LONG way if we all contribute.  And who doesn’t love to shop for little kids’ clothes? 

Thank you for all the giving and support this holiday season.  We have the best studio family and friends around.

Rebecca, Barry, Zach and Sam

Class of 2022


I truly didn’t expect to be so emotional as I was for Zachary’s Kindergarten graduation.  I always hear that everything is tougher when your youngest child goes through the process, but this entire experience was much more personal for our family.

Without going into too much detail, many of you know that Zach has signs of a hearing disorder called CAPD  (Central Auditory Processing Disorder).  Basically, dyslexia with hearing.  He hears fine.  Actually too fine.  His hearing senses are extremely acute and he has difficulty keeping all the information that comes in organized and simplified.  The stimulus can send his emotions over the top when the volume and his surroundings are more than he can handle.  So, you can only imagine how difficult this can be in a school setting. 

But by the middle of the year, he pushed through with the amazing help of his teacher and everyone else at the school along with his family and friends caring and devoting their time and energy to help him find his balance.  He reads and writes and draws all the time now.  He is truly excited to be in school and loves to be challenged.  Zach is already asking when does First Grade start.

So, with all these wonderful emotions, we are heading to Monterey.  A little business and a lot of family time.  A first for the Boys and I to see the Aquarium.  Since we told Zach where we are headed, he has been designing and creating an art book that will show what he is going to learn about with ” … all the species of sea life…”  he will get to see.  I hope his teacher knows what an inspiration she has been for him. 

Zachary’s graduation ceremony was perfect.  The kids sang their hearts out and we all learned about the individual humor and personality of each of these adorable children. 

Each child received a special candy award from their teacher.  This was really cute since it was her way of describing a very strong memory she had for each of them.  Zach received gourmet jelly beans “for bringing the most amazing lunches to school”.  He even brought one for her one day.  His idea!

We love this kid more than words can describe.  Next stop… 2022.  Wow.

My Little Rustlers

So, how does the Soren Clan spend a weekend together? 

We received word that two little babes needed a home, and well, meet the latest members of our little ranch family.

Not sure who is in love with whom more.  These calves are as sweet as can be, and our little men are completely head over “boots”.  Of course, this gave me the perfect opportunity to capture timeless memories… Not to mention Zach and Sam love showing off their own coolness as tough little cowboys.  I have to say that since they can handle the bottle feeding themselves, less work for Mom and Dad.  Way Cool!

Dakota was right there to join in the fun.

Thanks for taking a peek into our little world.  We thought it would be nice to take a little break and share some of the latest family activities with you.  Everything is about family to us, and we can’t wait to spend time with yours.

The End.  😉

Our Own Snow Day at Home

Every 5 to 6 years, we get a perfect dusting of snow that usually melts in a couple of hours at our little foothill location.  But this year was a real treat since we still have snow on the ground after three days. 

The boys couldn’t get enough of it and there were even some tears as the snow began to melt.  But, the they still managed to build a snowman, slide down our hills and just play.  Oh, our adorable Dakota was just as excited to keep up with the boys.

Playing for me meant getting pictures of the boys and our amazing property covered in a white blanket.  Enjoy.  

Share your images and snow day memories.  Let us know if you are up for a family or portrait session in the snow.  Our mountains are minutes away and ready for winter fun!

 One of my favorite of the grounds.

Family Time at the Pumpkin Patch



We finally took a little break with the boys and headed to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm in Weatland, CA.  Usually, we make the mistake of waiting until the week before Halloween to grab our perfect collection of misfit pumpkins.  But this year, we wanted to take advantage of a warm autumn day.  It actually heated up to 80 degrees.

Yes, I did mention “misfit” pumpkins.  The boys have taken to our love of unique and colorful combinations.  Sammy even stuck to his promise of picking out a white pumpkin and another having just yellow and green.  Both boys actually went on a hunt for a white pumpkin in the vast sea of orange and green.  It was perfect.



Even though pumpkins are always our favorite adventure and highlight since it includes a cool wagon ride, there are so many other activities and attractions to partake in at this farm that continues to grow and expand every year.  Zach and Sam always  anxiously wait their turn for the train ride and to play on the old Southern Pacific caboose.  But this year, they were really smitten with the petting zoo.  Both boys found a couple pygmy goats they were able to shower love and affection over. 



We hope everyone is taking the time to start their own family traditions.  This is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the changes of the seasons and build lasting memories.  Our boys remind us all the time how quickly time passes.  But most of all, they remind us that these memories are favorites of theirs too. 

Bring your favorite pumpkin with you when you head out to our studio this season.  We love seeing the enjoyment and color they can add to your portrait experience.


Double the Trouble


Hmmm…  I could say so much about these little innocent faces.  Especially, since they are a huge part of the “Family” portion of Ford Family Photography.  Zach and Sam, the little men in our lives, no, they are not twins, but they may as well be with the number of people asking and the way they are so in sync with each other.



































I was planning on posting another of our favorite weddings, but it is so rare that we even get to take pictures of our boys.  We actually have to schedule them on the calendar as well.  This was a surprise for Barry, and I had a small window of opportunity and begged them to be on their best behavior.  I don’t even remember what the reward was, but yes, parents, we have to do the same pleading and even more so since they know all of our posing tricks.


I actually have to remind myself how important capturing life in “its moments” really is.  I have been grinning ear to ear while loading up these images and thinking about their little worlds right now.  How much they have progressed with swimming lessons, their new puppy, and the fireworks over the 4th of July after watching the hometown parade in Auburn.


I had to throw these two images in from recent engagement sessions: The boys chilling out while Mom and Dad do their thing.  I will have to add another BLOG later showing Zach helping me with “his” light meter and reflector.  So fun and cool to see his mind working.


Now, I guess I better get some of these printed for the grandparents and aunts and uncles and start working on clearing wall space for ourselves.


Have a wonderful summer and save those memories anyway you can.  Tell your story so that it continues on and on with your greatest creations. 


Easter Blast!

Sam is in the Lead!

Sam is in the Lead!

Zach was the Man for his first solo ride.

Zach was the Man for his first solo ride.

It was a battle to see who could outlast the pack, and the winner was Zach!  I think he would have had even more fun if there was mud, but the warm sun was a sure treat. 

BArry showing us how to really move.

Barry showing us how to really move.

This was our traditional Easter event with five families bringing out the quads, go cart, dirt bikes, you name it.  Needless to say, we all slept so well that night.  Sorry to anyone that had to go to work and school.   Not even the baskets of chocolate kept the kids from the hours of non stop riding and racing.  This was Zach’s first time riding our smallest quad alone and he is a changed man.  He loved offering rides to anyone ready for the road.


Karlee and Uncle Barry for one last ride.

This was so much fun, we need to have open quad runs on our ranch and let this become a new style of family photography sessions.  What do you think?  Anyone up for the fun?