I couldn’t resist putting a couple of images on the blog of Meagan and Phil as we head out the door for their wonderful wedding celebration Part II.  Their formal reception with family and friends is tonight at a the beautiful local Pescatore Winery in the foothills of Newcastle.  It won’t be hard to recognize that their intimate wedding ceremony was at an incredible location on the coastline of Carmel by the Sea  just a few weeks ago. 

Here are just a couple of shots to remind Meagan and Phil of the amazing moment in time they had with each other and some of their friends.  Just a little mood setter for tonight.   We were pretty speechless with the location too.  Let us know what the first word is that comes to your thoughts as you enjoy our little tid bits.

What a fabulous time with a fabulous couple that only make the people around them smile and laugh all the time.  I truly can remember the personal vows they share with each other and how much this day meant to them.    Congratulations again to Meagan and Phil on their beautiful future together.