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What a Beautiful Beginning!

As 2012 Weddings begin wrapping up, 2013 is in full swing with bookings and engagements.  We wanted to share one of our latest and favorites.

Everyone we photograph have their own unique style and personality and it is what makes the experience so much fun for all of us.   Now, Allison and Jordan had something very unique and all their own.  It was contagious and incredible.  No words can describe how special these two are with each other.

Barry will have to post which pose number this was tagged at.  Of course, you can only imagine how much fun he was having interacting with Allison and Jordan.  He keeps asking when the wedding will be since he obviously didn’t get enough time to hang out with them.

What a beautiful future ahead for these two!  Congratulations to Allison and Jordan.  More stories are sure to come.

Playing for Keeps

Diana and Brian were recently married at the Monte Verde Inn and their wedding was perfect.  There wasn’t a doubt in our mind that when Diana mentioned she wanted one more chance to have pictures in her dress, the moment would be breathtaking.

But you will never guess where this shot was taken…

Or These…

I’ll be honest, not sure I could tell you either or even if I will ever be able to find this location again.  Then there was the moment of… “You want me to go down there in that?”  Oh, yes, I can safely say I have tried about everything now, but this place and time will definitely be a lasting memory.  Not because of the adventure of just getting there, but of the amazing couple we spent the day with.  (We won’t go into the details of a flat tire, edge of a cliff, or the pending darkness in a canyon two miles down.)

The experiences we share with our brides and grooms are truly one of a kind and stay with us forever.  Thank you Diana and Brian for one our best memories yet, and many more to come!

Double Congratulations!

You may remember Suzanne and Dustin as our Style Me Pretty couple with their stunning wedding at the Monte Verde Inn.

Well, this wonderful couple just celebrated their two-year anniversary.  But the big story is that they actually have a little something, something else to celebrate very soon.

This little something is actually a pretty big deal.  Suzanne and Dustin spoiled us, yet again, for a little quick photo session as they wind down to the final days of becoming parents .

A huge congratulations to these new parents.  We can not wait to meet the new little man of their house very soon.  It is always so enjoyable to see you both.

Makayla 2013

Meet Makayla!  She is kicking off our 2013 HighSchool Senior portrait season with a bang.  This upcoming Placer High School graduate is bright, warm, engaging and an absolute sweetheart.  We had a terrific time getting to know her.

Makayla will also be our senior ambassador.  We are looking forward to a couple more sessions with her throughout her senior year.  Especially, since she is in track and it will be another great way to show off her personality.

Favorite Memories

Where do we begin?  This was definitely an engagement session for the records.  We love when our brides and grooms come to us with passion to have their pictures taken in places that really mean something to them and not just for their wedding day experience.

Kim and Chris knew from the beginning that the Mendocino Coast was the place they wanted to have their memories captured.  They chose to start the day at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens.  Barry and I could have spent the entire day taking pictures and exploring the incredible gardens.

Next was a drive up the coast to Pacific Star Winery.  Wow.  The moment we stepped out of our cars, we heard someone shout “whales!”.   But the best part was the atmosphere of the cliffs and openness you would never have expected.  A little mist and light sprinkles started as we arrived creating an amazing look and feel to the entire surroundings.  Kim and Chris even enjoyed a great class of wine to savor the moment.

Then, we couldn’t resist making one last effort for the beach even though the rain was coming in a bit stronger.

A perfect way to spend a weekend.  The coast is always so beautiful and peaceful.  But we couldn’t imagine having more fun with a great couple.  We are so excited for Chris and Kim’s wedding coming up this September.  We hear that Kim’s smiles can actually get bigger!

Never Too Hot

We all remember how hot Saturday, June 16th was.  The first real heat of the summer reaching close to 108 degrees in Capay Valley.

The heat didn’t stop these two from having an incredible day with family and friends.

Nena and Chevy are married and they held their wedding at Taber Ranch in Capay Valley.  They wanted rustic charm and grand views.

The places to take pictures were endless and we had a great time just hanging out with this remarkable couple.  You would have never known the temperature was so high.

We love going on new adventures with our couples.  Nena and Chevy, you both were truly wonderful to spend the day with and we are so excited for your new future together.


Just Cakes

They are Bold and Beautiful and of course, Delicious.  What a beautiful and stunning way to pull all your favorite touches of your Wedding Day into one perfect centerpiece.  The design options are endless: Colors, textures, flowers, jewels, and ribbons.

The flavors are mouth-watering:  Marble, Pink Champagne, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter and Chocolate… Just to name a few favorites.

Don’t forget the Topper.  Your own personal stamp and timeless touch.

We really enjoy photographing cakes.  They are a one-of-a-kind piece of art.   And these designs happen to be from Kelly Dalisa at Monte Verde Inn.  She never ceases to amaze us with her creativity.

But the best part of the cake is how excited our brides and grooms are when they see and taste this incredible creation.  We will have to share the action shots for a later blog.

If I had a recommendation to all my brides and grooms when selecting their cakes and designs:  Don’t be shy and have fun with it!    Barry and I still talk about our cake from our wedding 12 years ago.   Oh, don’t forget about the cake tasting.   A perfect date if you ask me.

Enjoy designing your cake and share with us your favorite flavors and designs.